Socially responsible investing

Why BlackRock is optimizing its LifePath funds with a greater focus on climate and sustainability

At Common Good, we often get questions from employers and plan members about how sustainability and climate change fit into our investment approach.

ESG investing is a type of sustainable investing that includes focuses on the environmental, social and corporate governance factors that impact a company’s financial performance. Many financial institutions offer ESG-specific investments, but as the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock® has decided to bake ESG factors directly into its investment approach – including with the LifePath funds in our group retirement savings plans.

We recently had the opportunity to connect with two of Common Good’s partners, Alex Mazer, Co-CEO of Common Wealth (Common Good’s plan provider) and Farzan Qureshi, Director of Retirement Solutions with BlackRock®, about why minimizing sustainability risk is a key factor in helping plan members secure their financial future.

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