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Maytree Presents: Common Good Plan

Helping Not-for-Profit Workers Build a Secure Retirement

Straightforward retirement planning with the Common Good Plan

Five Good Ideas for building financial health through the workplace

Vantage Point Presents: Common Good Employer Information Session

Protecting financial security through a workplace-based response to COVID-19


Common Good Plan overview

Enrolling in your workplace plan with an employer match

Enrolling in your workplace plan

How to make a one-time contribution to your RRSP

How to transfer a TFSA/RRSP into your Common Good Plan

How to update your income

How to update your other savings


Employer Dashboard: Creating your account

Employer Dashboard: Adding employees to your plan

Employer Dashboard: Reviewing your employee requests

Employer Dashboard: Uploading your payroll register

How to stay on top of your group retirement plan


Danya O’Malley
PEI Family Violence Prevention Services

Angela Crockwell

Katherine Carleton
Orchestras Canada

Meghan Moore
Loran Scholars Foundation

Liz Mulholland
Prosper Canada

Owen Charters
BGC Canada

The Common Good Plan for Canada’s not-for-profit sector